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  1. About The Overflow

  2. Are The Overflow streams high quality?

  3. Can I pay via iTunes?

  4. Can I travel abroad with The Overflow?

  5. Can I used SD Card Storage?

  6. Do you issue refunds?

  7. Does billing automatically recur each month?

  8. Don't have a credit card?

  9. Got Android Problems

  10. Have an idea for a new feature?

  11. Having Android Issues?

  12. How do I cancel my subscription or extended trial through Overflow?

  13. How do I delete or cancel my account?

  14. How do I favorite my music?

  15. How do I find a song, artist or album on The Overflow?

  16. How do I identify a legitimate email from The Overflow?

  17. How do I listen to music?

  18. How do I pay with my credit card or update its information?

  19. How do I renew or restart my subscription?

  20. How do I reset my password?

  21. How do I share a song or album online?

  22. How do I stay connected with The Overflow to hear about upcoming exclusives and offers?

  23. How do I suggest a specific artist or band to The Overflow?

  24. How do I switch between Online and Offline Mode?

  25. How do I take music offline?

  26. How do I use The Overflow on my mobile device?

  27. How does The Overflow get its music catalog?

  28. How many devices can I use?

  29. How much does it cost?

  30. How much music can I sync to my mobile device?

  31. How to create a playlist

  32. I can't find the app for my iPad

  33. I don't live in the US. Can I sign up?

  34. I get a Trial-Expired message after logging in - even though my trial is active!

  35. I seemed to have stumbled across some inappropriate secular music, is this a mistake?

  36. I'm a Christian/Gospel artist, and my music is not on The Overflow. How can I get in?

  37. Is The Overflow legal?

  38. Known Missing Artists

  39. Missing Music?

  40. My credit or debit card is being declined, but funds are available.

  41. Something’s broken, who do I tell?

  42. We'd appreciate a positive review

  43. What about a Web/Desktop version? (PC or Mac)

  44. What are The Overflow Devos and where do I find them?

  45. What are the system requirements?

  46. What are the system requirements?

  47. What does the name “TheOverflow” mean?

  48. What is Offline Mode?

  49. What is The Offline Locker

  50. What is The Overflow Blog?

  51. What is The Overflow Newsletter?

  52. What is The Overflow's privacy policy and terms of use?

  53. What is The Overflow?

  54. What makes TheOverflow different from other streaming services*?

  55. What makes TheOverflow different from the iTunes or other download stores?

  56. Where can I start listening to music?

  57. Where is The Overflow available?

  58. Where is The Overflow available?

  59. Where is the web or desktop app?

  60. Why are some songs 'grayed-out' or unavailable?

  61. Why can’t I always find the music I want on The Overflow?

  62. Why don’t you have this band or that album?

  63. Why haven't you featured [insert artist's name] on The Overflow?

  64. Why is The Overflow Not Free?

  65. Why is there a $1 charge for the Free trial on my account?

  66. Why is there an International Fee on my card?

  67. Why is there non-Christian music on The Overflow?

  68. Why The Overflow exists

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