How to create a playlist

You can create a playlist by swiping RIGHT to LEFT on a song row, and clicking the blue '+' icon. You will then be asked to add the song to a new or existing playlist. By clicking New Playlist - you will then be able to name the playlist - and now you have a playlist ready and waiting for your next song or album.

On web or desktop, click on the three dots that appear next to the song. An option that says “Add to Playlist” will appear and then you will have the choice to add the selected song to any of your created playlists or to create a new playlist with that song, just like the phone version of the app.

You can access these playlists from the Playlist link in the main menu. You will find all your created playlists under 'My Playlists', while the curated playlists show under the 'Overflow Lists' tab.


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