About The Overflow

Quick History

 What started as a lunchtime conversation in the fall of 2010 between Co-Founders Stephen Relph (our CEO) and Chris Shaban became a Christian music download store in September 2012. As a Music Industry Professional, Chris has spent years teaching Stephen about the in’s and out’s of the business (Stephen is a self-professed slow learner). At the time of our launch, TheOverflow also became the first partner to bring Video Devotionals to the YouVersion bible app. We’ve since seen over two million days of bible reading completed, bringing devotionals from top Christian music artists like Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin, Lecrae, Newsboys and many, many more. We quickly saw how many people were interested in a better mobile solution, and knew we had to break new ground!

Who we are today:

To launch the world’s first Unlimited Christian & Gospel subscription music service, we knew we’d need a bigger team, and lots of God’s grace. Bringing a legal and licensed music streaming service to market is not a simple task. We’ve personally and communally spent lots of time in prayer, and many of our “waiting list” members and partners like NewReleaseTuesday.com have prayed as well. We covet your prayers ongoing! Well, in His infinite wisdom, God provided some additional key team members to help bring you this service.

About the Team:
You might be wondering, who works at The Overflow. Even if you weren’t, we’ll share anyway. 

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Stephen Relph: After graduating from Grade 7 piano, Stephen knew he was not destined to become the next big worship leader. Instead, Stephen went to business school and then worked for 11 years at a global Consumer and Packaged Goods Company. Throughout those years, Stephen found himself using Christian music during long commutes and at home to stay connected and recharge. When not working at TheOverflow, Stephen serves on the Board of two Christian Charities, and also spending time with his wife Kristen and two children. If there’s still some time left, Stephen loves getting out to play golf.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Kevin Birch: He would never say it himself, but he is a prodigy. God has blessed him with incredible talent for both front and back end mobile design (he’s also an amazing drummer), and he has built what we hope you’ll agree is a world-class service. Where many other streaming services have been built with teams of 40-100+ people to deliver what he has done, God has blessed us with Kevin and a few other key individuals to build TheOverflow. When Kevin’s not writing code, he can be found drumming or spending time watching his boys playing football. We are grateful for Kevin!

Product & User Experience Manager, Batsirai Chada: In October 2012, Stephen prayed for “a helper” to help with additional technology implementations. In November 2012, a friend urged Stephen to meet with “Batsirai”. Over lunch, Stephen was impressed with Batsirai’s capability and vision for the future. At the end of the meeting, Batsirai said “… I just want to help you… my name in Shona [Batsirai is originally from Zimbabwe] means helper”. Well, Stephen was simply blown away! Since then, Batsirai has been more than a helper, he’s been an integral part of the team. When Batsirai isn’t here with The Overflow, he can often be found performing as an artist - Batsirai, leading worship, writing music, or spending time with his wife Aimee and son & daughter.

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