What makes TheOverflow different from other streaming services*?

A few things!
  1. We are Christians and designed our service for Christians! To our knowledge, no other streaming service has any filtered options. Frankly, you don’t pay to get all the “other stuff” you’re not that interested in. 
  2. Devotionals: we have worked well over 30 devotionals with top Christian artists like Hillsong, Casting Crowns, Lecrae, Chris Tomlin and many, many more. It is our goal to help you draw closer to Christ through the music and the message, 
  3. No ads. Where other services might offer a free version, this inevitably leads to ads interrupting your listening. That would kind of be like listening to your band at church sing “How great is our God”, then watching a Beer commercial on the big screen, and then singing “10,000 reasons again”. We just don’t think that makes sense!

*Example: Spotify, YouTube, Rdio, Deezer, etc

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