Why can’t I always find the music I want on The Overflow?

Although the world of music is increasingly becoming digital, licensing music from both labels and publishers around the world is still a difficult task and in many cases operating under laws and rules that are decades old. If you don’t see an album or artist available, chances are that somewhere caught up in the web of rights controlling that music (label, distributor, artist’s estate, artist themselves or beyond) there is an entity who has yet to make the music or license available to The Overflow. But rest assured, every day we are working on licensing new music and every day we add new music to our growing catalog.

Even though the web is global, digital rights for music are still controlled by territory so sometimes you may see an album available in one territory and not another.

In other cases, the music has simply not been made available to services like The Overflow’s, but will be available to us sometime soon. If you want to let us know about the music you’d like to see available on The Overflow, you can do so here:

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